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Applications for a level switch:

Level switches in WIKA's WRS series are suitable for most industrial and commercial applications including:

  • Refinery and chemical industries
  • Energy and power plant technology
  • Feed water heaters or boilers
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Offshore exploration and drilling
  • Pipeline compressor applications


Product features of a level switch:

  • Process temperature ranges from -320oF to 650oF or -184oC to 343oC
  • Mounted externally to the process, can be maintained without interruption
  • Cast aluminum epoxy coated housings
  • Adjustable design allows for custom switch locations

Specifications for level switches:

Level switches in WIKA's WRS series provide alarm points along a magnetic level indicator. These level switches can be mounted at any location on the magnetic level indicator and in any quantity as space allows.  Also, this level switch can be mounted externally, meaning it can be maintained without interuption to the process.

Level Switch Type
Magnetic reed contact: 1 SPDT or DPDT,
Contact behavior: Bistable (magnetically latched), Switching capacity (non-inductive loads): 230V AC, 60VA, 1A or 230V DC, 30W, 0.5A

Level Switch Housing Options
NEMA 4X Epoxy coated aluminum, XP/I/1BCDT6 aluminum or stainless or NEMA 7/9 FM class 1, division 1, group B

Electrical Approvals

2-3 mm

Termination Type
Terminal block

Level Switch

Level Switch

  • WRS<br>
Level Switch
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