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  • Protects the vent tube of submersible pressure transmitters from moisture

Special Features

Protection Kit includes the following:

  • NEMA 4 / IP 67 cable junction box with transparent polycarbonate cover
  • PTFE vent tube filter
  • Reusable desiccant canister regenerates in microwave
  • 7 position screw terminal block


Submersible transmitter cables contain a vent tube that allows the transmitter to automatically compensate for changes in barometric pressure. This tube leads to the back of the sensor inside the transmitter. The transmitter may become damaged if moisture enters this tube.

The submersible cable protection kit is designed for applications where humidity or moisture is present. It should be mounted in a location that will never be submerged. The NEMA 4X junction box features a transparent cover that allows easy viewing of the desiccant canister. The indicating silica gel in the canister changes color from blue to pink when canister regeneration is needed.

The canister can be regenerated by placing on its end in a microwave oven for approximately two minutes.

A Teflon® vent tube filter provides additional protection against dirt and moisture entering the vent tube.

Two compression fittings accommodate the submersible cable entry on one side and standard cable for the exit side.

  • VentGuard
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