Model TR58

Bearing RTD Sensor

Resistance Temperature Detector

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  • Motor windings
  • Bearings
  • Shafts
  • Thrust plates
  • Applications where there is a space limitation

Special Features

  • Tip sensitive thin film technology
  • Fast responding to sudden temperature changes
  • Miniature design. Sizes from 0.125 inch in diameter and 0.30 in length
  • Designed for temperatures to 250°C (+482°F)
  • PTFE single or double insulated lead wire
  • Optional wear resistant stainless steel braided jacket
  • Available with spring loaded mounting and retaining thrust washer
  • A variety of tip dimensions available to suit a particular application
  • Vibration proof solid design with no moving parts
  • Element encapsulation using high temperature epoxy resin
  • Moisture proof design


Bearing RTDs are designed for areas where there are space limitations. They are small, compact and are often used to detect temperature increases in bearings, thrust bearing plates, shafts and motor windings. They are miniature low mass sensors which are fast responding.

Bearing sensors are manufactured using thin film technology and by design are tip sensitive and vibration resistant. They can be spring loaded into a bearing housing or held in position with a high temperature epoxy resin.

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