Model TR45

Cut to Length RTD Sensor

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  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Machinery, plant and tank measurement
  • Power and utilities
  • Pulp and paper

Special Features

  • Fast delivery and a low cost solution when minimum downtime of the process is essential.
  • The RTD sensor is supplied with 316/316L stainless steel sheath material.
  • Sensor diameters are available in 0.188 and 0.250 inch also 4 and 6 mm.
  • Temperature range of the sensor is -50 … +250°C (-58 … +482°F) for PTFE insulated lead wire and -50 … 450°C (-58 … +842°F) for fiberglass lead wire.
  • When selected, the stainless steel tubing extension can be attached to the sensor using a roll-crimp or supplied separately.
  • Thin film element technology provides tip sensitivity and fast response.


TR45 series RTD sensors are designed to be used as a fast, temporary replacement for an existing failed RTD sensor. This model is ideal for applications where down-time must be kept to a minimum. These sensors have a low-cost advantage as they can be supplied in predetermined lengths and then cut to suit the application as required. This reduces the necessity for stocking multiple lengths of RTDs.

Cut to length RTDs are primarily designed as a temporary replacement for a failed sensor installed within a thermowell assembly. It is recommended that this style of RTD be used as a temporary fix until a permanent replacement is supplied.

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