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Averaging RTD sensor

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Applications of the Averaging RTD sensor

  • Applications of the Averaging RTD sensor
  • Gas Compressors
  •  Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Air Exchangers
  • HVAC

Special Features of the Averaging RTD sensor

  • The Averaging RTD sensors are used to measure temperature over a cross sectional area instead of at a specific point.
  • Averaging RTD’s are built with a sensing length which extends for most of the length of the sensor.
  • The assemblies can be provided with or without transmitters to convert the resistance signal to an analogue or digital output.
  • The assemblies have electrical approvals for explosion proof hazardous locations, ingress protection and general purpose areas.
  • The Averaging RTD can be bent into any shape in order to properly measure the needed cross sectional area.

Description of the RTD sensor

The WIKA Averaging RTD sensors are industrial assemblies supplied with or without a termination head. An extensive range of connection heads, transmitters, insertion lengths, sensing lengths, and process connections can be individually selected for the appropriate application.

Averaging RTDs in this series can be inserted directly into process ducting or air handling units for averaging or stratification temperature measurement.

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