Model TC95-FP

Frost Protection Multipoint System

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  • Water / Waste water
  • Environmental
  • Utilities

Special features

  • Remove the need for experience and weather data to determine frost depth
  • Simplified maintenace and sensor removal without the use of specialized tools
  • Heat transfer block for proper sensor contact and mearurement accuracy
  • Transmitter or analogue output
  • Robust design for extreme cold environments


The WIKA designed frost protection multipoint is designed using an outer protection tube (pipe) for extreme cold environments.  Inner guide tubes and heat transfer blocks allow for easy maintenance, calibration and replaceability of the sensor.

Multipoint sensing locations determine the frost level to grade using points located at specified intervals.  The first point is located at 12" below ground level and spaced every 12" thereafter.  Above ground level the sensors are housed in a suitable junction box to allow easy access.

Frost Protection Multipoint System
  • Frost Protection Multipoint System
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