Model TC47-AC

Adjustable compression thermocouple

For the plastics machinery industry

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  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • For direct installation into the process
  • Dies for extrusion profiles
  • Packaging
  • Open air temperature detection

Special features

  • The sensor has a pre-determined probe length and mounted into the process
  • The thermocouple sensors are available with a variety of hold down mechanisms
  • Sheath material ranges from stainless steel, corrosion resistant and high temperature oxidation resistant alloys
  • With or without stainless steel overbraid or interlocking flexible armour
  • Tube and wire construction


The TC47-AC adjustable compression thermocouple is a general purpose temperature sensor designed to suit all applications where metal sheathed thermocouples are required. An extensive range of elements and process connections can be individually selected for the appropriate application. With the flexibility of assorted diameters and pre-determined immersion lengths, the model TC47-AC thermocouple can be used in a wide variety of easily accessible location.

The adjustable compression fitting allows the sensor to be secured at a specific length into the process.
The adjustable compression thermocouple is a tube and wire design and held in place with a compression fitting. They are especially suited for applications where the metal sensor tip is securely fastened into the media.

The temperature sensor can be modified to suit specific application as required.

Adjustable compression thermocouple
  • Adjustable compression thermocouple
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