Model TC10-9

Ceramic beaded industrial thermocouple assembly

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  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Furnaces, kilns, and ovens
  • Furnaces with oxidizing and neutral atmosphere
  • Glass, fibre and ceramic industries
  • Research and development facilities

Special Features

  • The assembly has a general purpose approval  
  • Wire sizes for single thermocouples range from 20 AWG with insulator diameter of 0.187” to 8 AWG with insulator diameter of 0.465”    
  • For dual thermocouples the range is 20 AWG. with insulator diameter of 0.220” to 14AWG with insulator diameter of 0.312”  
  • A ceramic terminal block with metal screws is provided inside the head for direct termination of the ceramic beaded thermocouple.    
  • Manufactured from the finest high purity, high temperature ceramics and metals    
  • Can be supplied with a termination head or as a replacement sensor


TC10-9 ceramic beaded insulator thermocouple assemblies are used in extremely high temperature industrial applications.

These assemblies are primarily used in conjunction with ceramic closed ended protection tubes. An extensive range of thermocouple calibrations, connection heads, wire gauges, ceramic insulator diameters and insertion lengths can be selected for this model.

The assembly provides a neck extension with a female threaded union for installing directly to a ceramic protection tube fitting.

Replacement thermocouple sensors can be configured for this model.

Ceramic beaded industrial thermocouple assembly
  • Ceramic beaded industrial thermocouple assembly
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