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The Right Sensors for Measuring Load, Force, Torque, Pressure

Inside every force measurement device is one or more strain gauges. These are the extremely thin sensors embedded into load cells, load pins, bending beams, force transducers, and tension links. The durability and accuracy of these sensors are key, but just as important is the proper placement of the strain gauge in a device.

What’s more, manufacturers of force sensing elements can choose from many types of strain gauge sensors: thin-film, bonded foil, semiconductor, silicon chip, and others. Each has its pros and cons. For optimal performance and the best value, it is important to choose the right technology.

Strain Gauge Service: Customized Sensor Placement

WIKA USA’s Strain Gauge Service offers a wide range of expertise, technologies, and cutting-edge electronics for the optimal placement of force sensing elements. We offer:

  • Industry-leading advisory on strain gauge technologies
  • Precision engineering on the placement of strain gauges
  • Expertise in attaching strain gauges for accuracy and durability.

Our state-of-the-art facilities use laser-welded elements and bodies, microprocessor-controlled thermal chambers, a top-notch CNC machine shop, and NIST-traceable calibration. With Strain Gauge Service, there’s no need for customers to purchase expensive equipment or upgrade their in-house engineering capabilities.

Fast Turnaround Times on Strain Gauge Placements

Strain Gauge Service is committed to our customers’ delivery schedule. We operate out of Worthington, Ohio, which means fulfillment throughout North America is fast and efficient. Orders arrive when and where they are needed. Our delivery solutions meet our customers’ requirements for lean manufacturing, and Strain Gauge Service can stock fully or partially assembled parts.

Exceptional Customer Service, Technical Support, and Repairs

Our specialists have decades of experience engineering the optimal placement for strain gauges and then attaching them to force sensors. Strain Gauge Service also offers repairs with fast turnaround times, and calibrations are carried out within a week. Our customer service team is standing by to offer technical advice and to take your order. Discover the WIKA USA difference for strain gauge selection, placement, attachment, repairs, and calibration.

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