WIKA R-1 Pressure Transmitter

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The new WIKA pressure transmitter for refrigeration and air conditioning can help to take a big bite out of the energy bill.

Due to the rapid increase in energy costs, the energy-efficient operation of refrigeration systems becomes a must. In the future, unregulated plants will no longer be acceptable. WIKA is now presenting its R-1 pressure transmitter as the latest generation of pressure transmitters in thin-film technology at an affordable price.

WIKA's tested and proven thin-film technology has been adapted optimally to refrigeration and air-conditioning requirements. A sturdy and reliable pressure transmitter that allows accurate pressure control of the refrigeration system is now available on the market, thus providing new opportunities for drastic savings.

The extremely high long-term leak tightness of the R-1 pressure transmitter has been achieved through a hermetically sealed weld of the thin-film sensor. On the process side, the monolithic structure of the pressure sensor makes any seals unnecessary, which otherwise could result in leaks. Complex testing of material compatibility be will also not be required .

The pressure transmitters, produced on a modern, highly flexible production line, meet the highest quality standards. With this sensor, WIKA offers absolute reliability at low cost, without making compromises.

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