When to Use a Process Gauge

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Numerous everyday products--including oil, gas, chemicals, plastics and textiles--are made using processes marked by extreme conditions. A combination of high and low pressures and temperatures as well as constant vibration all work to transform raw materials into final products.

These demanding processing environments require tough instrumentation for uninterrupted operation--and not all gauges are alike or equal--leading to recurring gauge failures.

With proper application, gauges offer longer service life and accuracy. Unfortunately, multiple changes in processes and plant ownership have created a cloud of uncertainty about which gauge should actually be applied.

WIKA’s instrumentation engineers have audited gauge installations at more than 250 facilities, and they’ve found that gauge reliability can be improved by as much as 30 percent.  In turn, this improvement helps decrease maintenance time by 25 percent on average. 

They commonly observe installations where the gauge hasn’t been able to endure the repeated vibration and exposure to the corrosive environment. To correct the situation, they often recommend WIKA’s XSEL process gauge for demanding, even extreme conditions.

Process Gauge for Refineries, Chemical, Petrochemical Processing

The WIKA XSEL® process pressure gauge was designed especially for applications in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries.

How?  The XSEL gauge features a stress-reducing Bourdon tube design and movement with hardened components. This helps minimize wear to ensure the durability and accuracy of the gauge despite high vibration and pulsation. There is also a liquid-fill option to further protect the gauge internals.

To stand up to corrosion, the XSEL gauge models are available in an assortment of specialty durable metals including stainless steel, copper, and Monel® alloys. Additionally, the gauge case is fire-resistant with a flammability rating of UL 94, V-0.

WIKA: Your Instrumentation Partner

No matter where your production takes place, WIKA stands ready to be your instrumentation partner. WIKA has gauge production facilities in eight locations worldwide with uniform quality standards. WIKA also partners with customers on solutions for specific instrumentation requirements. Contact WIKA to find out how.


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