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Today’s Oil & Gas subsea fields require robust, proven instrumentation designed to handle depths of 10,000 feet with pressures up to 20,000 psi. The WIKA Subsea gauge is specifically designed to exceed the performance of current designs by offering advanced features that have been hyperbaric chamber tested to assure the results you deserve.

Advanced Features

  • High impact fiberglass-reinforced POCAN (thermoplastic) case: solid front design and stress ribs increase case stability and integrity while minimizing deflection from external seawater pressure
  • Dual Pane Safety Glass: viewing window allows for added gauge stability/integrity by minimizing deflection from external seawater pressure
  • High Pressure Connection F250C (9/16” - 18 UNF RH female): minimizes leak points associated with NPT connections
  • Easy-to-read Dial: 4½” black dial face with white enlarged numerals allow for distance reading from ROV cameras
  • Lower Mount & Lower Back Mount connections
  • Robust Pressure System: all 316L SS components tig welded for system integrity
  • Optional Lexan shield: for added protection of gauge face
  • Optional Etched Glass Window: to help minimize ROV camera blinding
  • Pressure Compensation Membrane: extremely large surface area designed to withstand high external se
  • water pressure, effectively transferring and balancing internal and external case pressures
  • FDA Compliant Fill Fluid: pure glycerin that has been degassed to minimize fluid compressibility


  • Design tested in a hyperbaric chamber to depths of 10,000 ft. (continually pressure cycled to atmospheric pressure)
  • Design features that allow for a durable and reliable product for added service life in the subsea Oil & Gas Industries

WIKA 233.34 Subsea Gauge

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