Submersible Level Transmitters: WIKA’s Instruments for Measuring Media Levels

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WIKA’s submersible liquid level transmitters are utilized in a variety of industrial and municipal settings, most notably in water supply and wastewater treatment plants. These transmitters measure the hydrostatic pressure of a liquid medium. Level information travels via an electric signal that changes both linearly and proportionally to changes of the hydrostatic pressure above the sensor.


Submersible level transmitters require rigorous design and construction standards for long service life; WIKA submersible transmitters are fully sealed to meet IP68 and NEMA 6P ratings for permanent submersion. They are equipped with a vented cable to allow compensation for changes in barometric pressure, and they are suitable for submersion up to 1,000 feet. While moisture protection is crucial, many transmitters are also subjected to physical stress and caustic environments including turbulence and corrosive chemicals. The transmitters’ durable stainless steel construction provides superior protection for extended use in many of these environments. 

While submersible transmitters are commonly utilized in clean-water applications, they are also applicable for use in holding tanks, lift stations, wet wells, chemical plants, and rivers. The submersible transmitters are equally reliable sensing devices for refineries and paint plants, and they may also be used with distillation equipment, filling equipment for combustible gases, and overfilling protection systems.


WIKA offers a three-model line of submersible level transmitters, all of which ensure accuracy and quality performance in harsh environments. Model LS-10, designed with economy and reliability in mind, provides .25% accuracy, and the high-performance Model LH-10 provides 0.125% accuracy. The IL-10 (Intrinsically Safe Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter), used in conjunction with the Zener Barrier, is designed for hazardous applications. It is ideal for refineries, distilling equipment, filling equipment for combustible liquids, and level measurement in volatile environments.


Many engineers combine submersible level transmitters with WIKA’s LevelGuard™, an anti-clogging attachment that protects the transmitter in challenging level applications where sludge, slurry or turbulence may be present. The large, non-clogging surface area of the LevelGuard™ diaphragm allows the transmitter to be submerged in a variety of viscous media or a sludge bed and still display accurate level readings.

Custom features beyond the LevelGuard™ can be provided with the transmitters to meet your special requirements. Depending on the model, WIKA offers options for lightning protection, temperature measurement, and special output signals. Accessories include cable clamps, desiccant drying cartridges, additional weights, and junction boxes. The LH-10 model also offers a low-power 0.5-2.5V output signal and 5VDC supply voltage, ideal for solar or battery-powered installations.

Most of WIKA’s submersible level transmitters feature stainless steel construction. They are rated IP68 / NEMA 6P for permanent submersion. For more aggressive media, WIKA has developed Hallestoy housings, and also provides Teflon® cables that are preferred in these environments.

WIKA’s submersible pressure transmitters deserve the best in cable design. WIKA submersible cables are designed to withstand more than 200 pounds of strain, making additional support or conduit connections unnecessary. Any length of cable can be supplied with WIKA submersible pressure transmitters. The LH-10 features a vented, dual-entry cable design to maintain the system’s watertight construction as well as a vent tube to compensate for changes in barometric pressure.

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To select the appropriate submersible level transmitter, first determine the required range, performance, and specific measurement conditions.  WIKA offers detailed product specifications and data sheets for review. Our application engineers can help ensure you choose exactly what you need for your specific installation.

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