Stainless Steel Gauges: Advantages and Applications

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Stainless steel gauges are used in a wide variety of industrial and procesing applications. In fact, the range of applications for stainless steel gauges has expanded dramatically over the last century as metallurgists have developed techniques for adding nickel, boron, manganese, molybdenum and other elements to the alloy.

Stainless steel gauges provide resistance to corrosion, and are commonly used in applications that involve contact with steam or corrosive liquids or gases. Many processing plants (including petrochemical and wastewater processing) use stainless steel gauges as traditional panel gauges or to measure pressure in seal flushes in pumps, rupture disks, filters, control valves and lube oil applications.

Types of Stainless Steel Gauges

The term stainless steel gauge can mean a gauge with a stainless steel case (and workings of brass, copper, Monel, etc.), or a gauge with stainless steel workings (and a plastic case) or a gauge with both case and workings made of stainless steel.

WIKA manufactures a wide variety of stainless steel gauges, including panel mount gauges, stand-alone gauges, process gauges, industrial gauges, differential gauges, refrigeration gauges, sprinkler gauges, subsea gauges and many others.

WIKA’s Model No. 233.53 stainless steel pressure gauge is a rugged stainless steel gauge resistant to corrosive media and environments. This 2.5" liquid-filled gauge includes 316 stainless steel wetted parts, a 304 stainless steel case and bayonet ring, as well as an adjustable pointer and laminated safety glass window. This popular gauge is also available with a dry case (Model No. 232.53).

Also, note that WIKA’s All-Welded System pressure gauges are also available with wetted parts made of Monel or Hastelloy (for sour gas or other specialized applications).

Stainless Steel Gauge Applications

Stainless steel gauges are used in hundreds of applications in a myriad of processing industires. These corrosion-resistant pressure measurement devices are a standard part of the instrumentation suite at chemical and petrochemical plants, fossil fuel and alternative power generation facilities, on and offshore mining and drilling operations, food and beverage processing, environmental technology and water/wastewater treatment.

While prized for their corrosion-resistance, a stainless steel gauge also offers the benefits of ruggedness, ease of cleaning and a gleaming, attractive finish.

Check out WIKA's extensive selection of stainless steel gauges. Click on a product image for specifications or to learn more about common applications. You may also visit us online to request a quote.

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