Glass and Solar Powered Industrial Thermometers: The Way to Go for HVAC, Boilers and Chillers

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Temperature can critically affect some processes and compromise the quality, reliability, and safety of products and equipment. It’s vital to choose a thermometer carefully to ensure it meets the demands of the application.

Temperature measurement and monitoring are particularly important in residential, commercial and industrial heating and hot water systems, solar thermal systems, and combined heat and power plants, as well as in other HVAC applications, chillers and boilers. The tough conditions of these applications require robust, dependable instrumentation. To fulfill this need, WIKA developed a comprehensive series of industrial glass and solar powered thermometers which meet modern technological demands for reliable and accurate temperature measurement.

Industrial Glass Thermometers

WIKA’s industrial glass thermometers are rugged and made with molded housings to withstand impacts, shock and vibrations. Glass windows are spring-mounted to avoid rattle. The glass tubes, filled with a non-mercury solution to minimize environmental pollution, are also shock resistant and easy to read. Industrial glass thermometers come in Fahrenheit, Celsius or dual scales. They can be ordered with or without thermowell, and some models already conform to U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force specifications. The completely adjustable locking case and stem design, this type of thermometer ranges reads up to 550°F (288°C). Some of the industrial glass thermometers are also available with brass dual-threaded thermowell sockets.

Solar Powered Industrial Thermometers

WIKA’s industrial solar powered thermometers are a fully-integrated, drop-in alternative to the old mercury-in-glass style industrial thermometers, and have proven effective in HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration applications that need fast and accurate readings. The LCD digital display makes these thermometers very easy to read. Solar powered thermometers come in a high-impact case to withstand rough conditions and they require only small amounts of light (only10 lux or one foot candle) to operate. Also, WIKA’s solar powered thermometers do not need a battery backup and easily switch readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius as needed. Additional order options include air duct flange or clear plastic protective cover. 

All of WIKA’s glass and solar powered thermometers are manufactured following the recommendations of its in-house, knowledgeable engineering team, applying industry’s best practices and innovative concepts to respond to the evolving needs of the market. WIKA’s industrial glass and solar powered thermometers come in a variety of sizes to suit any need. In addition, a wide selection of compatible mechanical and electronic pressure and level instruments and accessories complement the thermometers and provide an all-inclusive solution for any heating, power plant, HVAC application, chiller, or boiler. WIKA’s qualified and experienced technical advisors worldwide will help you choose the right instrumentation and can custom-design a complete package for you, one as simple or as complex as your requirements demand.

Specific datasheets for each product are available online. Also check WIKA’s Digital Library for regularly published brochures, blogs and articles with the latest on technologies, industries and applications. You may also call 1-888-WIKA-USA or email for more information.

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