Safety Comes First with Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters

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The WIKA IS-20 series of intrinsically safe pressure transmitters have been designed for industrial pressure measurement applications in hazardous areas where intrinsically safe ratings are required. Multiple intrinsically safe approvals include FM, ATEX, and CSA. These multiple approvals provide for global recognition and acceptance of the intrinsically safe ratings. The pressure transmitters are labeled with all three approvals to help support international shipments of OEM equipment designed with these pressure transmitters.

The rugged construction of this pressure transmitter is made up of stainless steel wetted parts which feature an all-welded measuring cell for improved media compatibility. There are no internal soft sealing materials, so there is no concern about a reaction with media or deterioration over time. The compact case is also made of stainless steel and is available with environmental protection ratings up to NEMA 6 (IP 68).

The IS-20-S (standard version) pressure transmitter seen on the left is for general applications in hazardous areas. The IS-21-S pressure transmitter and IS-21-F pressure transmitter seen in the middle and right are specifically designed to measure viscous fluids or media containing solids that may clog a NPT process connection. These pressure transmitters feature a flush diaphragm process connection. 

Due to their use in harsh environments, the IS-20-F and IS-21-F pressure transmitters feature an integral stainless steel junction box with internal terminal block. A 1/2″ NPT female conduit connection comes standard on all models and a cable compression electrical connection is available as an option. A 10- to 30-volt supply is required by all models. These supplies are provided by an intrinsically safe power supply or through an approved intrinsically safe zener diode barrier.

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