Remote Seal: What Is It and Why Is It Used?

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Remote seals are commonly used to protect pressure-measuring instruments including pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, and switches from hot, viscous, contaminated, or corrosive media. As a result, they’re often used in refining, petrochemical, and chemical plants.

How a remote seal works

A remote seal, also referred to as a chemical or diaphragm seal, is connected to the measuring instrument using a direct connection or capillary. The instrument side of the seal is separated from the process media by a flexible diaphragm. The chamber between the diaphragm and the instrument contains system fill fluid, which transfers the pressure of the process media. When fluctuations in pressure of the process media occur, the change is transmitted across the flexible diaphragm through the system fill fluid, which is hydraulically transmitted to the measuring instrument.

A Remote seal is mounted to the process by threaded, flanged, in-line, sanitary, or other connections. Although standard remote seal bodies and diaphragms are made of stainless steel, a variety of materials from carbon steel to Hastelloy® C-276 are available to meet the demand of most applications. A remote seal from WIKA can operate in pressure applications from 10" Hg to 20,000 psi and media temperatures between -130°F and 752°F.

WIKA’s AWS is more than a remote seal

WIKA's All Welded System (AWS), a drop-in retrofit for existing gauges, is essentially a remote seal and pressure gauge permanently welded together to create a sealed pressure measurement system. By removing all threaded connections, the AWS is a tamper-resistant assembly that does not allow any excess to the system fill and helps eliminates potential leak paths.

Designed to meet the safety demand requirements of the process industry, the WIKA AWS provides superior protection to process gauges from extreme environments such as harsh temperatures, variable pressure ranges, pulsation, vibration, aggressive chemicals, and steam. The AWS design is rugged enough to endure high vibration and thermal cycling applications and is suitable for pump discharge applications when configured correctly.

Recommended remote seals

WIKA recommends these remote seals for the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries:

Standard Flush Diaphragm Seal, Flanged 

Pancake Type Water Seal with Flush Diaphragm, Flanged

Rotatable Flush Diaphragm Seal, Flanged 

Standard Version, Welded Diaphragm Seal, Threaded

All Welded System (AWS), Threaded 

For more information

AWS complies with the EPA’s "Dual Containment Requirements." Since many details must be taken into consideration when selecting a remote seal and to ensure a safe satisfactory operation, WIKA’s technical advisors are ready to assist with your specific application requirements.

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