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WIKA Instrument, LP has been a leader among pressure gauge manufacturers for over 60 years, making us the expert in high quality, reliable gauges. WIKA’s comprehensive offering of pressure instruments and best-in-class manufacturing offers you maintenance free solutions and a lower total cost of ownership – peace of mind when what you need are quality gauges that work and keep your operations safe.

Quality Gauges for Many Types of Industries

A quality gauge can be a key product for various industries in their projects and operations, large and small. It may seem like a small component, until you need it or it fails to properly protect property and personnel. With pressure gauge manufacturers seeing an increased demand for reliable gauges that will withstand harsh, demanding applications, WIKA offers customization and innovation for distributors and customers.  Our quality gauges are dependable for safety in all environments, providing peace of mind in critical and standard applications.

As evidence of WIKA’s commitment to manufacturing quality gauges, the company maintains several certifications. In fact, the quality system of WIKA Instrument, LP (WIKA) has successfully achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, manufacture, calibration and repair of pressure and temperature measurement instruments and accessories. As a global company, WIKA also maintains certifications and approvals from several international quality monitoring services.

Rugged Gauges That Perform in Extreme Environments

Everybody needs reliable, rugged gauges with gauge specifications that meet industry standards and safety requirements. WIKA’s XSEL® process gauges employ our world-class systems that are tested to meet the demanding needs of the process industry and safety standards. Our stainless steel gauges, bimetal thermometers and gauge accessories also bear the stamp of WIKA’s characteristic quality and reliability standards. As a result, WIKA is proud to back up our quality with a gauge warranty of 5/10 years, giving WIKA one of the best warranty policies for gauges in our industry.

In your world, a pressure gauge failure can be disastrous for safety concerns. And due to the volatile nature of some environments, caused by things like the corrosive media or extreme vibration, you need a rugged pressure gauge that can be counted on. After all, you’re not standing in front of it most of the time, so you just want it to work and not cause any safety issues. Through WIKA’s FAST Instrument Audit, we have has identified the most common reasons why a pressure gauge may fail.

Gauge Customization to Meet Your Needs

WIKA offers product customization for pressure and temperature products from the first step in the ordering process to the last. We know industry and safety standards are stringent and difficult to meet, and our gauge customization services can help you build the right solutions for your needs. From the pressure range and process connection to the materials and fill fluid, we can customize almost everything. In addition to customized specifications, WIKA stands out among pressure gauge manufacturers by offering custom dials and private labeling. Company logos, measuring units, multiple scales and safety certifications are just a few options you can add to your dials. 

Best Practices for Gauge Applications and Gauge Specifications

Our FAST Instrument Audit program is a unique service we provide to customers and end users who want to ensure plant safety and optimization. The Instrument Audit identifies gauge installations with unwanted conditions including overpressure, pulsation and vibration. After WIKA's FAST Engineers help you complete an Instrument Audit, we recommend corrective actions to ensure optimum, quality gauge performance.

In addition to identifying problems and potential safety issues, a WIKA FAST Instrument Audit can help consolidate inventory, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce process downtime. The Instrument Audit program provides expert analysis and dedication from our certified technical specialists, and it can even help you put the right gauge specifications in place for recurring issues. WIKA is the only pressure gauge manufacturer to offer a customized program of this kind.

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