Pressure Transmitters Allow for Safe Wastewater Storage

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The Problem of Wastewater Storage

Incidental water accumulation can be a big problem in upstream oil and gas wells because it reduces well efficiency and production rates. The solution is to pump out this water at regular intervals, but then there is the significant problem of safe storage of this briny, contaminated wastewater after removal from the well.

Wastewater that is removed from oil and gas wells is typically corrosive in addition to containing small amounts of oil, so it must be stored for proper treatment prior to disposal. Furthermore, the regulations regarding the disposal of this wastewater are quite strict, and significant penalties are imposed for unpermitted discharge of gas well wastewater.

Liquid Level Measurement Using Pressure Transmitters

Safe storage of contaminated, corrosive wastewater has been a major issue in the upstream oil and gas industry for decades. This wastewater may be stored before treatment, and safe storage requires reliable information on flow rates and tank levels to prohibit an unpermitted discharge. WIKA's line of rugged pressure transmitters offers a solution to this problem. These tough pressure transmitters are designed for the corrosive environment of wellhead wastewater and will deliver accurate intake flow rate and tank fill level information under all conditions.

Liquid level measurement in gas wellhead wastewater storage applications requires pressure transmitters that can handle salty, corrosive environments. A tank wall-mounted or submersible pressure transmitter is ideal for these kinds of applications. The following WIKA pressure transmitters are specifically designed for reliable, accurate liquid level measurement for oil and gas industry applications:

  • Submersible Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter Type LS-10
  • Submersible Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter Type LH-10
  • Intrinsically Safe Submersible Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter for Hazardous Environments IL-10
  • General Purpose Pressure Transmitter Type S-10
  • Hazardous Area Explosion-proof Pressure Transmitter Type E-10

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