Pressure Sensor Fundamentals

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Pressure sensors are the core of electronic pressure measurement systems and supply information that is vital to the operation of processes and equipment. Pressure sensors work by changing pressure, a physical variable, into a quantity that can be processed electrically. Once in an electronic format, the signal is then interpreted by computers, digital panel meters or other devices to display, record and/or change the pressure in the system being monitored. For example, in heavy equipment such as mining trucks, pressure sensors embedded in the rear suspension system ensure the load doesn’t exceed capacity to prevent damage, which can impact productivity or even safety.

Pressure Sensor Technology from WIKA

WIKA provides pressure sensors that use strain gauge as well as linear variable displacement transformer, or LDVT, sensing technology. WIKA’s pressure sensor products, including pressure transmitters, transducers, meters and displays, are designed for long-term, reliable performance – even in the most difficult environments. Models can vary in type of electrical connection, process connection and electrical specifications, and a variety of options are available on most models to meet specific needs

WIKA Pressure Sensors and Electronic Pressure Measurement Products

WIKA designs and manufactures electronic pressure measurement products for a variety of applications in several industries. Our electronic pressure measurement lines include:

  • General Purpose Press Transmitters, Transducers & Sensors – Standard industrial grade transmitters that are suitable for many industrial applications such as hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Special Purpose Pressure Transmitters, Transducers & Sensors – Transmitters designed for applications including mobile hydraulic systems, load monitoring, refrigeration and air conditioning, laboratories as well as OEM.
  • Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitters, Transducers & Sensors –Transmitters for applications that require explosion-proof, non-incendive or intrinsically safe technology including those in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and food industries.
  • Submersible Level Transmitters, Transducers & Sensors – Designed for use in liquid level monitoring in hazardous areas such as refineries or in water and wastewater treatment.
  • Sanitary Transmitters, Transducers & Sensors  – Comply with third-party sanitary criteria for pressure and level measurement in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage industries.
  • Digital Transmitters, Transducers & Sensors – Transmitters suitable for a range of applications from general industrial to hydraulics/pneumatics with some models offering Profibus® DP and CANopen interface options.
  • Digital Display LCD Gauges – Provide precise and fast local pressure readings and are suitable for use in various applications and industries.
  • Meters and Displays – Digital indicators that are user programmable to display pressure in any desired engineering unit.

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