Electronic Pressure Sensors and Predictive Maintenance

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Knowing Equipment Internal Operations is Key in Optimizing Maintenance

If your operation is like most, you are constantly challenged to do more with less. Budgets are stretched one year, cut to the bone the next. Through it all, you must keep your plant humming, 24/7.

Anything that saves time and money, boosts efficiency, and prevents downtime is an improvement, right? Then listen up.

In heavy-industrial applications, electronic pressure sensors and transmitters can be the backbone of the most reliable type of maintenance program ever devised: predictive maintenance. Even better, today’s technology makes it simple to install these electronic pressure sensors and thus benefit from predictive maintenance in your plant and in equipment in the field.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

What is “predictive maintenance”? Predictive maintenance means using electronic pressure sensors and transmitters to monitor the smooth running of a production line and, more critically, to connect those sensors to software that can create models that accurately predict when equipment will degrade or performance will fall off. This adjustment can serve as an accurate predictor for optimal just-in-time” equipment maintenance.

Predictive maintenance can eliminate the surprises of corrective maintenance, which happens after equipment fails. Predictive maintenance also cuts down on the unscheduled (and often unnecessary) equipment stoppages needed to perform scheduled preventive maintenance.

By taking accurate readings of conditions inside your critical machinery and equipment, an electronic pressure sensor helps you to zero in on problem areas before they impact operations. In the process, you can eliminate corollary problems or damage that can result when a component fails or breaks.

Most important of all, predictive maintenance techniques maximize your operation’s productivity while cutting maintenance costs. As if that weren’t enough, electronic pressure sensors and predictive maintenance can make your trend data much more accurate, enabling you to plan ahead for maintenance, repairs, and parts orders.

How Electronic Pressure Sensors and Transmitters Work

In heavy industry, keeping any operation running correctly depends greatly on maintaining the right pressure within equipment—such as the fluid moving through a pipeline or hydraulic hose. A drop in pressure might signal an internal issue requiring attention, while a spike in pressure would alert you to the fact that a breakage or even an explosion might be imminent.

With an electronic pressure sensor, you can “see” what’s going on inside your equipment and take corrective measures before a problem ensues. In an operation involving many different parts and steps, multiple electronic transmitters will measure and set norms for a host of pressure variables. These miniature devices will also signal if anything is amiss.

Electronic pressure sensors remove much of the guesswork from taking readings and are capable of communicating the necessary data to a user at a PC or workstation 20 feet—or miles—away. WIKA offers a wide variety of general- and special-purpose electronic pressure sensors and transmitters. WIKA’s S-10 series sets the industry standard for general-purpose electronic pressure measurement, while the MH-2 line is intended for off-road and mobile equipment. The new Type D-10-9 series incorporates the CANopen interface, a communications protocol widely used in manufacturing industries.

These instruments are constructed almost entirely from solid-state electronics with few or no mechanical, moving parts. Besides allowing extreme levels of accuracy, their electronic construction means there are fewer components that might fail.

A complete predictive maintenance system combines high-performance pressure sensors with high-tech computing power to keep your machinery running seamlessly and to warn you about wear-and-tear issues before they cause breakdowns that shut down your operations.

Electronic Solutions from WIKA

WIKA electronic pressure transmitters, transducers, and sensors are designed for long-term, reliable performance in difficult industrial environments. Most models feature stainless steel construction and moisture and vibration-protected circuitry, and all are calibrated and tested prior to shipment.

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