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Is a Pressure Gauge Important to Everyday Operations?

A pressure gauge is a common component in operations from various industries across the world. But not every gauge is created equally or made for every situation. WIKA Instrument LP has been on the forefront of innovation and quality for pressure gauges and pressure instruments for over 60 years, making us the pressure gauge expert for diverse industries and applications.

Gauges with bourdon tubes are the most common pressure measuring devices used today. They combine a high grade of measuring technology, simple operation, ruggedness and flexibility with the advantages of industrial and cost-effective production. Needing no external power supply, bourdon tube gauges are the best choice for most applications.

Pressure gauges are crucial components of most processing systems. In these environments, a pressure gauge needs to be reliable, accurate and easy to read to help prevent failure in everyday operations. Therefore, how a gauge is constructed and tested is extremely important for reliability, safety and peace-of-mind. After all, failures can cost time, money and productivity loss.

Applications for gauges with a bourdon tube range from highly automated chemical processes, such as, refineries and petrochemical processing, to hydraulic and pneumatic installations. These types of gauges can also be found at all critical process monitoring and safety points in today’s energy industries, from exploration wells and petrochemical plants, to power stations and wastewater operations.

What Happens When a Pressure Gauge Fails?

Whatever various forms and materials they use, a pressure gauge is designed to measure pressure from gases, liquids, vapors or solid bodies in many applications and industries. Due to the volatile nature some of these sources can take, pressure gauges and pressure instruments can fail for a multitude of reasons. Protecting and inspecting pressure instruments on a regular basis will help prevent failure and keep operations running smoothly. Through WIKA’s FAST Instrument Audits, we have identified the top reasons why a pressure gauge may fail.

eLearning: Best Practices- Top Reasons Why Gauges Fail

What Happens When a Pressure Gauge Fails?

A commercial pressure gauge is perfect for utility, general-purpose applications typically found in HVAC, refrigeration, ventilation and food and beverage industries as well as for OEM and end user applications. WIKA manufacturers a line of commercial pressure gauges suited for all your needs.

Industrial pressure gauges are stainless steel gauges designed for the oil and gas, alternative fuels, chemical manufacturing, petrochemical and mobile hydraulics industries. An industrial pressure gauge is suitable for media that will not obstruct the pressure system. Industrial pressure gauges, WIKA’s most extensive product line, are designed to meet all your pressure measurement needs.

Process pressure gauges protect against extreme environments, like in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, which face system vibration, pulsation, pressure spikes and corrosion. WIKA manufacturers a complete line of process pressure gauges for all your processing, oil and gas and chemical applications.

Low pressure gauges are suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system. WIKA’s low pressure gauges are suitable for chemical, petrochemical, plant construction, pneumatic systems and cleanrooms.

Sealgauges are a pressure gauge combined with a diaphragm seal isolator and are designed to eliminate potential leak paths. WIKA’s Sealgauges are suitable for sanitary, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and process industries.

High precision test gauges are designed for calibration and testing laboratories. These highly accurate test gauges are suitable for corrosive and industrial applications. WIKA’s high precision test gauges are intended for pressure monitoring panels, gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system or attack copper alloy parts and process industry applications.

Differential gauges and duplex pressure gauges are designed for the oil and gas, alternative fuels, chemical, HVAC, refrigeration and air handling industries. Differential pressure and duplex pressure gauges are for measuring two applied pressures; high and low pressure and static process pressures. WIKA’s differential and duplex gauges are suitable for corrosive environments with liquid or gaseous media, cryogenic gases and when separation of media is required.

Absolute pressure gauges measure absolute pressure without the effect of barometric pressure variation and are used when monitoring condensation pressures and vapor pressures of liquids. WIKA’s absolute pressure gauges are suitable industries and applications with corrosive environments and gaseous and liquid media.

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