Petrochemical Gauges: Critical for Measurement and Safety

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Petroleum refining involves one or more of the following activities: fractionalization, distillation, cracking, recovery, blending and storage. In each of these applications, a company will need to measure pressure and temperature in a variety of ways, calling for a high-quality, safe and reliable industrial pressure gauge. The need for a local display is often a critical reason why companies select mechanical pressure gauges for petrochemical applications, but the variety of gauges for petrochemical production is amazingly high due the requirements for different materials, tolerances and operating environments. 

When is an Industrial Pressure Gauge Not Just a Gauge?

The answer is: always. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for selecting a mechanical pressure gauge, mechanical temperature gauge or an electronic pressure transmitter in the petrochemical industry. This is because every application may have unique circumstances, like harsh temperatures, a high level of pulsation or vibration, the presence of aggressive chemicals or even the need to have petrochemical gauges that register varying ranges of pressure tolerance. 

These factors may vary by application, but there are also two constants in any petrochemical operations: safety and performance. You don't want to think about gauges, you just need them to work as expected so they are there when you need them and you want them to prevent possible leaks that cause safety and downtime issues. 

One of the main complementary products for petrochemical gauges is a diaphragm seal, which protects the gauge from hot, corrosive media. This added layer of protection ensures that the media doesn't reach the gauge, helping to prevent gauge failure and, more importantly, prevent leaks that can cause safety issues.  With just a simple modification, a diaphragm seal can really make a difference in safety, reliability and peace-of-mind. 

Petrochemical Pressure Gauges: The Benefits of Stainless Steel

An industrial gauge may be chosen for a variety of reasons based on how they will be used. However, for those working in petrochemical processing, a stainless steel mechanical pressure gauge may be the best option because these environments often involve severe or tough environments. In these situations, a mechanical pressure gauge with a fiberglass case may be unsuitable or unsafe for dealing with highly corrosive substances. The stainless steel construction of WIKA's industrial pressure gauges provides protection against harsh environments and corrosive elements. WIKA's stainless steel pressure products also provide durability and reliability to withstand extreme temperature, shock and vibration — making them the perfect gauges for petrochemical pressure solutions.

High Quality Standards for Petroleum and Chemical Pressure Gauges 

Take a look at any petrochemical and petroleum refinery project worldwide, and you will find a WIKA industrial pressure gauge and electronic transmitter somewhere in their operations. Our measuring instruments are manufactured in close cooperation with members of ISO 15156 and NACE committee in accordance the latest revisions for each. For our mechanical pressure gauges, as well as our electronic transmitters and diaphragm seals, WIKA engages different independent institutions to conduct extensive laboratory testing. All WIKA mechanical pressure gauges and electronic transmitters meet or exceed pressure gauge standards EN 837-1 and ASME B40.100-2005
Chemical and petrochemical industries subject to strict international requirements like the PED and ATEX. Because of the strict safety requirements and critical application demands in the chemical processing industry, WIKA has engineered every industrial gauge and transmitter to meet and often exceed safety and performance expectations. WIKA's electronic and mechanical pressure gauge line-up as well as our temperature gauges are used for general applications as well as in potentially explosive areas. Our products operate as satisfactorily in aggressive environments as in nonaggressive environments. 

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