Rugged MH-2 Transmitters Keep Mobile Hydraulic Systems and Equipment at the Ready

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Off-road  equipment must operate in a wide range of demanding environmental conditions, requiring pressure-monitoring devices that can withstand the most brutal conditions. The MH-2 pressure transmitter from WIKA is designed to deliver the ruggedness and performance that operators of such equipment can count on.

Pressure transmitters play an important role in the safe and efficient operation of mobile hydraulic equipment, keeping tabs on operating pressure, load pressure, brake pressure, valve pressure, filters, flow rates and fluid levels. There's a lot that can go wrong, and a job site is the wrong place to learn that equipment is not functioning properly. The MH-2 provides the accuracy and peace of mind field crews need.

MH-2 in Crane Applications

Cranes play an essential role in a host of industries, including construction, oil and gas exploration and utilities. Yet, by their very design, cranes pose difficult challenges to operators and crews. Cranes are complex pieces of machinery – and they often must operate in rugged areas and under conditions are that off-limits to most ordinary vehicles. With their long reach, it’s easy for a crane to quickly get out of balance. Due to the danger involved, crane operators depend on accurate information about a variety of functions in order to ensure the safety of the entire work crew. 

WIKA MH-2 sensors keep crane operators informed about the following operational characteristics:

  • Load moment indication
  • Crane geometric limitations
  • Crane geometric orientation
  • Outrigger loading
  • Crane operating radius, including boom deflection analysis and boom angle
  • Boom dynamics
  • Wind loading
  • Shock loads
  • Load swing out

The MH-2 pressure transmitters monitor the pressure in a crane’s outrigger and boom hydraulic cylinders. They also provide vital feedback to the crane’s control system, signaling overloading and enabling the operator to take precautionary measures in time to avert a catastrophe.

The control system shows critical operation information such as maximum permissible loading, the force on the boom, the hook amplitude, crane rating and actual crane capacity.

MH-2 in Other Applications

Ruggedness and dependable performance are especially critical in oil-exploration and construction applications. Such work typically takes equipment far off the beaten path to settings characterized by rough road surfaces, rocks and sand, or in frigid months, ice and snow.

Here, too, the MH-2 meets the challenge. MH-2 sensors are precision engineered for off-road and mobile hydraulic applications, offering excellent resistance to extreme shock and vibration – constant issues in mobile hydraulic applications.

The MH-2 is also rated IP96K to withstand the high pressures of steam-cleaning systems used to clean mobile hydraulic equipment when it returns to the shop.

In addition, a cavitation dampening system (CDS) is standard. This exclusive WIKA designed  protects the sensor from pressure spikes and cavitation, a phenomenon characterized by vapor cavities in pressurized liquids. When unchecked, cavitation can result in undue wear and failure of gauges and sensors.

To learn more about the MH-2 pressure transmitter, contact your WIKA representative today by phone at 1-888-WIKA-USA or email

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