MH-2 Mobile Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter Boosts Reliability

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Rugged and Reliable

Off-road and mobile hydraulic applications require a durable, high-performance mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter that is precision engineered and designed specifically for demanding environments. The WIKA MH-2 is that pressure transmitter.

WIKA’s MH-2 mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter is one of the most rugged pressure transmitters available. It offers extreme shock and vibration resistance, high-pressure steam wash-down protection, and the WIKA CDS (cavitation dampening system). Pressure ranges from 100 psi to 8000 psi meet all standard mobile hydraulic pressure applications.

The MH-2’s all-welded, thin-film measuring cell eliminates the need for additional soft-sealing materials.  The thin-film sensor provides excellent long-term stability thanks to sputter technology. This mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter also contains a rugged, glass-reinforced PBT plastic case that has seen under-the-hood use in the automotive industry for many years.

The MH-2 mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter is specifically designed for OEM applications in the mobile hydraulics and automotive industries. Manufacturing is fully automated to provide large quantities of transmitters with consistent quality and highly competitive pricing.

Customer modifications are available for large quantity requirements.


MH-2 Benefits

  • CDS (cavitation damping system) in the process connection protects against pressure surges and micro diesel (cavitation) effects
  • EMI protection
  • Extremely high resistance to shock, vibration, and thermal cycling
  • Temperature performance specifications


Measuring Ranges

0...500 psi to 0...8000 psi
(0...150 psi w/modified specs)

Response Time (10%...90%) ‹ 5 ms

0.5% BFSL
2-wire: 4...20mA
3-wire: 1...5 V, 0...10 V
0.5...4.5 V ratiometric

Electrical Connection

Metri Pack series 150, 3-pin
M12x1, 4-pin
Flying Leads

Ingress Protection

IP 67 with plug
IP 69K with flying leads

Temperatures Medium: -40...+125°C (-40...+257°F)
Ambient: -40...+100°C (-40...+212°F)
Wetted Parts

1.4435 (316L) and 1.4542 stainless steel

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