How WIKA Pressure Transmitters Help with Fracking

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Hydraulic fracturing is a technique for recovering natural gas and oil from deep shale formations. Fracking, as it is commonly called, has become more and more common in the US and Europe, where most conventional natural gas resources have run out. On average, 2.5 million hydraulic fracturing operations have been performed worldwide on oil and gas wells; over one million of those were performed in the US. And WIKA pressure transmitters are a significant part of this process.

Fracking has been practiced since the ‘40s, but has become more sophisticated as drillers use new techniques to obtain more oil and gas while minimizing the risk to the earth’s crust. Hydraulic fracturing equipment typically includes chemical storage tanks, fracturing pumps, and fracturing tanks, along with a monitoring unit that includes electronic measuring instruments.

Compact and rugged, WIKA S-10 and S-11 pressure transmitters are precision engineered to be used for pump protection and other processing and control operations at most fracking site. The WIKA S-11 transmitter, with its flush diaphragm process connection, is specifically designed to measure viscous fluids and can be used to measure the pressure when fluid is pumped down the well bore.

To find out more about using WIKA instrumentation in fracking applications, contact a WIKA representative.

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