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Leaders in the refining industry understand the importance of accurate reactor temperature profile data. Obtaining an accurate reactor profile requires multipoint temperature measurement data, and the highly accurate Gayesco-WIKA Flex-R multipoint thermocouple system has become an industry standard.

Every Flex-R system is specifically designed with an ideal thermocouple distribution for a particular reactor vessel and application, and every thermocouple installed in the vessel is verified for functionality by a test heating to 700°F (371°C). A high-temperature verification test enables a complete diagnostic check of the thermocouple, wiring, and transmitters, and confirmation of signal output to the control room or other desired locations.

Gayesco-WIKA now offers this same comprehensive post-installation multipoint verification service as a stand-alone service during catalyst change outs. The Flex-R multipoint thermocouple system is the only multipoint temperature measurement system available today that can verify thermocouple accuracy after installation. Other multipoint measurement systems can only verify thermocouples during actual operation of the reactor, which often leads to an expensive trial-and-error startup process before getting the reactor into production mode.

Moreover, Flex-R is a system where “hot junctions” (thermocouple tips) can be repaired, and where a thermocouple can be swapped out with another point. This flexibility means older multipoint installations can enjoy a longer lifetime.

Given the thoughtful design of the multipoint verification process (no scaffolding required), as many as 9 or 10 points can be verified in an hour. This means verification has a minimal impact on catalyst turnaround schedules; in most cases, a full thermocouple calibration cycle takes only a few hours.

Benefits of Thermocouple Verification

The ability to verify the accuracy of your multipoint thermocouples in a reactor offers several benefits. For starters, accurate temperature measurement means accurate reactor profile data, which ultimately leads to optimally efficient process yield.

A multipoint thermocouple system – one that can be verified and “retuned” to optimize measurement accuracy at critical locations every four years – can last for decades. Several Gayesco-WIKA Flex R installations are currently well into their third decade of operation.

When one adds up all the downtime avoided over the years, as well as the minimal maintenance costs for the Flex-R, Gayesco-WIKA multipoint temperature measurement solutions can result in millions of dollars in cost savings compared to other multipoint systems.

Flex-R Multipoint Design Means You Can Count on Accurate Reactor Temperature Profiles

Gayesco-WIKA Flex-R solutions permit calibration of individual sensors to confirm accurate measurement of every single point. Other multipoint system providers can offer only sample lot calibration. With the additional ability to re-verify sensing points after installation and during catalyst change outs, Flex-R is the only multipoint system that can provide accurate, cost-effective reactor vessel temperature measurement for decades.

The Flex-R’s design also results in as much as200% less flow interference compared to single-sheath multipoints, and it helps avoid horizontal runs through the catalyst. The independent, isolated sheaths and low profile routing of points lead to minimal impact on process flow and reactor loading and unloading.

Over 2000 Flex-R multipoint systems have been installed in reactor vessels worldwide, totaling more than 100000 measuring points.

To learn more about how the Flex-R multipoint solution can improve process yields and improve your bottom line, contact our knowledgeable technical staff.

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