FAST Audit Cuts Costs, Improves Reliability

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According to reviews of more than 150,000 mechanical pressure and temperature installations, WIKA’s Full Audit Service Team (FAST) has determined that processing plants can realize a first-year savings of $51,1711,2 by:

•  Reducing inventory costs and complexity

    By standardizing on full-scale ranges and options, plants can reduce unique gauge configurations by as
    much as 75%. This translates into a reduction in carried inventory of approximately 30%.3

 •  Improving the reliability of gauges

   On average, FAST audits revealed that 40% of gauge installations had failed or were near failure; correcting
   misapplications and ensuring compatibility with operating conditions reduces the failure rate.3

 •  Lowering maintenance costs

   By reducing the frequency of gauge replacement, time spent on gauge maintenance can be reduced by 25%.3

A True Zero Cost Solution – Pressure and temperature gauge expertise at no charge

The first-year cost savings from an audit includes $30,0981 of FAST engineering resources, which are provided at no charge. These resources include:

• A visual inspection of gauge installations and existing stocked inventory

    • Build a comprehensive record of installations (pressure, bi-metal temperature, etc.)

    • Identify and rate problematic conditions, indicating whether or not replacement is necessary

• Data analysis and engineering-based recommendations are provided to improve the reliability of instrumentation

    • Address failed installations

    • Standardize and consolidate the population

• Implementation support to help transition to the new population

    • ERP data imports

    • MOC justification and documentation

• Tools to help sustain the new gauge population and culture

    • Easy Order Guide to help installers navigate to appropriate new configurations

    • Application Guide, which provides recommendations for specific installations and categorizes them by process

    • Procedural and engineering controls, such as stainless steel tags, to improve replacement time and accuracy

A comprehensive, sustainable gauge maintenance program

A turnkey service, the FAST Instrument Audit helps establish a sustainable gauge maintenance program that provides an average ongoing annual savings of $21,073.4 With an optimized and improved gauge population and the tools to maintain it, less time and money is spent addressing failures – from purchasing to maintenance.

Analysis of audit data shows that a new, improved gauge population culture provides on average: a $3,420 reduction in inventory costs; a $5,333 decrease in maintenance; and a $12,500 savings in reliability annually – or $21,073.4

If you happen to be one of the nearly 40% of plants that don’t have a defined ownership of your gauge population, or know your installations could be improved, talk to us about scheduling an audit. We can provide you with a savings estimate at any time. You can reach a FAST representative at 1-855-651-3278 or

(1) First year savings only includes engineering resources for physical audit, storeroom review, data compilation, and ERP and MOC support, which are provided at no charge

(2) Based on average audit of 1,000 installations, requiring two instrumentation engineers for one week

(3) Based on results from more than 250 WIKA instrument audits

(4) Ongoing annual savings. Inventory savings based on industry averages for overhead, inventory management, shrinkage, obsolescence, inventory tax, and cost of capital

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