E-10 Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter Maintains Control and Maximizes Performance

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mproved monitoring and continuous control of wellheads is a critical concern in energy production and transport industries. Monitoring of oil and gas wellheads to improve well production output has become standard procedure. WIKA has developed a product specifically with a closed-loop automated production capability to help.

The WIKA E-10 explosion-proof pressure transmitter is designed for applications in the oil and gas production industry including casing and tubing pressure, wellhead monitoring, refining, pipeline transport, and natural gas compressors. The explosion-proof pressure transmitter works on the principle of containment. The pressure transmitter is enclosed in a housing that is designed to contain, control, cool, and vent any possible ignition.

WIKA’s explosion-proof pressure transmitters contain any explosions within an enclosure to prevent electrical or thermal energy from reaching the volatile atmosphere. Several methods of explosion-proofing are available, including filling the containment enclosure with oil or surrounding the electrical apparatus with molding resin or potting compound.

In the petrochemical and process industries, a high temperature pressure transmitter or pressure transducer may be subjected to uncompromising environmental conditions such as aggressive media, temperature extremes, vibration, and pulsation. The E-10 is consistently reliable, making it ideal for detecting problems or abnormal conditions in the network of tanks, vessels, pipes, and control systems that must be monitored and maintained within optimum operating tolerances.

E-10 Pressure Transmitter Features

  • FM-approved explosion proof for Class I Division 1 hazardous locations
  • Available with 4…20 mA, 2-wire or 1…5 V, 3-wire output signals
  • Engineered to withstand harsh environments
  • NACE MR-01-75 compliant
  • NEMA 4X (IP67) ingress protection
  • Can be retrofitted to many existing oil and gas applications

E-10 Approved for Installation in Hazardous Areas

  • FM approved
  • CSA certified

The E-10 pressure transmitter features an NPT process connection with an all-welded stainless steel measuring cell for media compatibility, specifically designed with no internal soft sealing materials that may react with the media or deteriorate over time.

The pressure transmitter is FM-approved for Class I, Division 1 explosion-proof protection for installation in hazardous environments. Each pressure transmitter undergoes extensive quality control testing and calibration to achieve a linearity of < 0.2% full scale. In addition, each high temperature pressure transmitter is temperature compensated to assure accuracy and long-term stability even when exposed to severe ambient temperature variations.

E-10 Specific Applications

Wellhead: Tubing and casing pressure are monitored to determine optimum flow rate, and data from these outputs can be used to monitor for down-hole leaks.

Petrochemical refining: Numerous applications require the use of an explosion-proof pressure transmitter in the petrochemical and refining industries, such as: air, stream, water, crude oil, chemicals, and plastics.

Gas production: A key measuring task in gas production is monitoring the pump pressure of compressed natural gas in panels.

Offshore: Measuring tasks on an offshore platform include monitoring the wellhead, tubing, casing, and compressors.

E-10 Key Factors

Factory-sealed electrical connection

The factory-sealed version is equipped with flying leads. Therefore, there is no need for a special seal to be integrated in the conduit to prevent flame propagation.


  • Fast installation: no hardening time for the sealing compound
  • Improved logistics: parts and tools related to the seal plug are not required
  • Lower costs: no additional cost for parts

Solid-state components

  • Application and installations of pressure transmitters in oil and gas production are rough and demanding. Because mechanical shock and vibration are common, all components in explosion-proof pressure transmitters are solid state and fully encapsulated in a soft potting gel. Combined with the low profile design, the E-10 series of pressure transmitters is the right choice for the demands of the oil and gas industry.

Low-power electronics for solar panel applications

  • A low-power 1-5V signal option is available to maximize battery life in solar powered applications.

E-10 Specifications

Pressure ranges

  • 100 INWC to 15,000 PSI
  • 15 PSIA to 300 PSI absolute
  • Compound ranges


  • 0.2% BFSL

Signal outputs

  • 4…20 mA
  • 1…5 V

Electrical connections

  • 1/2” NPT male conduit with flying leads (NEMA 4X / IP 67)
  • 1/2” NPT male conduit with cable and free ends (NEMA 4X / IP 67)
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