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For the maximum life cycle of a gauge, we recommend a liquid fill to protect the instrument against vibration and wear. However, if you are in an industry with a maintenance philosophy of not using liquid fill (because of disposal, leakage or compatibility with process media concerns) then you may need the WIKA Dampened Movement for gauges installed in vibration and pressure pulsation applications.

Dampened gauges:

  • Stifle vibration and pulsation
  • Eliminate costly case fills
  • Allow no liquid to leak out
  • Provide an easy-to-read pointer
  • Offer the same temperature range as a dry gauge
  • Ambient: max. 140˚ F (60˚ C) / min. -40˚ F (-40˚ C)

 Keep the Dirt Out and the Grease In

 WIKA engineered the Dampened Movement capsule design, which uses a unique capsule that is connected to the end of the pointer shaft movement. The capsule has a brass inner drum that rotates inside the capsule housing on a thin film of silicone grease, which isolates unwanted, damaging vibrations from the pointer and reduces pointer “flutter.” The stainless steel capsule housing means you do not have to worry about dirt or grease getting into your instrument. Also, the capsule prevents the dampening media from drying out, which would eliminate any dampening effect to the gauge.


World’s First Dampened Movement Bimetal Thermometers

 If you oversee applications in tough, high-vibration environments with extreme temperature ranges, then you may also need our dampened movement bimetal thermometers, which offer the benefits of a liquid-filled case in a dry configuration. Like its dampened gauge counterpart, the dampened movement thermometer diminishes the effects of vibration to reduce pointer oscillation, which is accomplished by dampening the pointer and the pointer shaft with inert gel.

With this thermometer, you get a bimetallic sensing element that reacts consistently to temperature change, giving you a calibrated temperature measurement that is guaranteed to be accurate within 1% of full scale (Grade A per ASME B40.3). The sensing element consists of two dissimilar metals welded together in the form of a coil and encased in a stainless steel stem. The coil is dampened with an inert gel to protect against vibration.

The instrument is silicone free and available in temperature ranges not possible with case fill. And, its completely-welded construction and hermetically-sealed case means no possibility of cross-contamination.

Because many details must be taken into consideration when selecting pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation, WIKA’s technical advisors can help you identify when dampened movement fits your needs and produce a dampened gauge or dampened movement thermometer for your specific application requirements.

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