5 Reasons the WIKA XSEL® Sets the Standard of Excellence

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Processing plants have seen few upgrades in recent years, but producers are still expected to increase capacity with the equipment they have. As a result, plant systems and operating units have undergone a great deal of stress. All areas of the processing equipment, especially pressure instrumentation, are affected by higher pulsating pressures and heavy mechanically induced vibrations.

So what should producers do? Turn to the XSEL® process pressure gauge, which sets the standard of excellence among pressure gauges. Here are five ways it does just that:

  1. Innovation
    All XSEL models feature a Bourdon tube design and movement with hardened components that reduce stress and wear. The innovative XSEL process pressure gauge exceeds pressure gauge performance testing standards ASME B40.100 and EN 837-1. 

  2. Performance & Safety
    Many plants today still use a dry case pressure gauge in applications that call for a higher degree of protection. Bad move. Sometimes these applications result in pressure gauges with off-zero pointers, missing or broken pointers, and worn-out pressure systems. The XSEL liquid filled pressure gauge offers better performance by providing greater resistance to vibration and pulsation.

    And it’s safer too: The XSEL meets the fire-resistant case with flammability rating according to UL 94, V-0 test procedures.

  3. Quality
    All XSEL process pressure gauge movements are Swiss made, producing the most precise and reliable movements available today. WIKA’s industry- best warranty on all XSEL process pressure gauges include a standard five-year warranty on the pressure gauge and a 10-year warranty on the pressure system.

  4. Availability
    The XSEL pressure gauge family includes stainless steel, Monel, and copper alloy models. Plus, since WIKA manufactures in Lawrenceville, Georgia, XSEL process pressure gauges are readily available to ship for most common ranges as well as with diaphragm seal configurations.

  5. Value
    The XSEL process gauge sets a standard of value as well. It is an economical solution for most processing applications since it reduces downtime from regularly replacing worn-out instruments.

To learn more about XSEL gauges or for a quote, please contact a WIKA representative.

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