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WIKA introduces a new mobile app to make selling and using WIKA products easier than ever before. With this new app, you can access extensive product and industry information, find answers to gauge problems, and even submit RFQs.

The Best from the WIKA Website – Now on Your iPhone and iPad

Taking the best of the site and putting it in the palm of your hand, this app was custom built for Distributors and Sales personnel. With the capability to search for the top, most used pressure and temperature gauges, finding the WIKA equivalent product, researching common gauge failures, and even taking notes to better serve your customers, these features are sure to make selling WIKA pressure and temperature gauges easier.

This feature allows you to capture your customers contact info, record their product needs and questions, include pertinent notes, and email questions or RFQs directly to WIKA. 

This feature allows you to look up mechanical pressure, electronic pressure, and mechanical temperature gauges with the ease and flow of this user friendly app.

This feature allows you to find a WIKA replacement gauge using the specs of a current competitor model.

This feature pulls from eight different categories of common gauge failures to find the right solution for the gauge and application. The feature even goes into detail of the visible signs, hidden risks, and industry factors that may lead to the particular failure.


Available exclusively on the App store for iPhone and iPad. Download today. For more information on how the new WIKA mobile app can make your life easier, email us at or call 678-739-2591.

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