Product return

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Merchandise returned to WIKA for any reason must have a WIKA supplied Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Warranty returns also require proof of purchase (invoice number and date). All returns require the original purchase order number. If the original purchase order number is not available, a new purchase order number is acceptable for credit and rebilling.

An RMA is valid for 45 days from issuance and merchandise must arrive at WIKA within the validity period.

In order to evaluate the root cause for the return, the product may need to be disassembled  and may not be reassembled to the condition in which it was sent to WIKA, rendering the product unusable. If the root cause is due to WIKA, the product will be repaired or replaced. If the root cause is due to application or misuse, the material will be returned at the customer’s discretion.

Centralized RMA Group Streamlines Returns Process

RMAs are managed by a dedicated RMA customer service team who are experts in handling RMAs; trained to quickly handle technical questions; and focused only on expeditiously handling RMAs.

To obtain an RMA or report a customer complaint, please complete the form by clicking on the RMA button below or by clicking on the link on the side bar. Please note any additional information in the comment section of the web form that may aid in processing the request.

If required a customer return specialist will contact you for additional information.

You may return the product to WIKA, freight pre-paid.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

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