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 Gayesco Field Services

With over 25 years installation experience, we use industry best practices to meet the expectations of our customers and licensor specifications to develop the optimized solution for all types of unit installations.

  • Experience means we can complete the installation quicker than contractors who are unfamiliar with the process, saving you money.
  • To qualify as a supervisor, a Gayesco services member must have a minimum of 2,500 safe on-site work hours and demonstrated field service supervisor proficiencies. The average tenure for a Gayesco services supervisor is 11 years.
  • In order to ensure the best performance of our product, extended warranties from WIKA are only available for products installed by Gayesco Services. Limited warranty is available for products installed with Gayesco supervision.

Installation Services

Multipoint Applications:

Designing and building the world’s best profiling systems isn’t enough to ensure the best possible solution, it has to be installed correctly - by trained, experienced installers. Simple mistakes in installation can dramatically reduce the life and accuracy of the thermocouple assembly. Having experienced installers can mean the difference between measurements you can rely on or readings you don’t trust. In today’s environment, you cannot afford to run your equipment, or have your safety systems rely on thermocouples that you don’t completely trust.

  • Gayesco installers are trained in the manufacture, installation, and applications of the thermocouples. That means they are trained in how the thermocouples are used in the units, the internals of those units, and what goes on in the units.
  • Gayesco installers give you the confidence to know you will get an installation you can trust.

Fired Heater applications:

WIKA offers the top leading tubeskin application products in the industry. The V-Pad®, Xtracto-Pad®, and Refracto-Pad® are widely accepted by process licensors and major refiners around the world because of their accuracy and durability.

Gayesco Field Services is the key to help ensure that the installation of your tubeskin thermocouple system is exactly what the engineers intended during the design of the thermocouple system and according to best practices in the industry.

In addition to full instrumentation installation services, we also offer:

  •  Supervision services & installation support
  •  In-situ field verification of sensing points
  •  Heater Surveys
  •  Field Repair

Field Services Brochure

Field Services

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