Model SA-11

Pressure transmitter

For sanitary applications

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  • For gases, compressed air, vapour, liquids, pastes and powdery media
  • Ultra-pure steam systems for SIP
  • Hydrostatic level measurement:
  • Vacuum pressure monitoring, e.g. vacuum conveyors, pump monitoring
  • Food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, sanitary applications

Special Features

  • Wide variety of aseptic process connections, for process temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Flush diaphragm with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.38 μm
  • Fully welded
  • Suitable for SIP and CIP
  • Ingress protection up to IP 68


The pressure transmitter SA-11 is designed especially for the requirements of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

It is particularly suitable for the special conditions of CIP/SIP cleaning processes, such as chemical stability towards cleaning liquids and high temperatures.

The flush diaphragm is directly welded to the process connection. This guarantees a crevice-free connection of the process connection and the measuring cell so that additional sealings are not required. For dead-space free instrumentation, aseptic process connections (clamp, threaded, VARIVENT ® and NEUMO®) are available.

The SA-11 pressure transmitter is ideally suited to fulfil the stringent demands of sanitary applications and is EHEDG certified. Furthermore, the SA-11 is marked with the 3-A symbol and current version number, as it conforms, based on a third party verification, to the 3-A standard.


A diaphragm made of 1.4435 stainless steel forms a flush separation of the process medium from the pressure measuring instrument.

The process pressure is transmitted hydrostatically from the diaphragm, via an FDA-approved system fill fluid, to a piezo-resistive sensor.

The measuring range covers 0 ... 250 mbar up to 0 ... 25 bar.

The SA-11 pressure transmitter is powered with a DC voltage of 10 (14) ... 30 V. Available electronic output signals are 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V output.

A stainless steel case with an ingress protection of up to IP 68 offers a secure protection for external cleaning with splashed water and enables its use in high-humidity environments. Through the integrated cooling section, process temperatures of up to 150 °C can be realised.

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