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Pressure Transmitters Can Use PC Links and Profibus® to Produce Useful Measurement Data

Pressure Transmitters Can Use PC Links and Profibus® to Produce Useful Measurement Data

WIKA's digital-output pressure transmitters are designed to enable communication with a PC and are commonly applied in the field of testing, calibration, and service technology. With an accuracy of 0.1% (or 0.05%), digital-output pressure transmitters can be applied in automation engineering, test bench construction, laboratories, and maintenance shops.

The electrical power of the D-10 pressure transmitter is taken directly from the RS 232-interface of the PC. The digital data processing of the precision pressure transmitter ensures excellent linearity and repeatability. System-related temperature errors typically occurring in pressure-measuring instruments are compensated by the temperature sensor integrated into the process connection and in the digital data processing via microprocessor. The result is a total temperature error below 0.1% in the range of +32…+122 degrees F.  The WIKA D-11 with a flush diaphragm is particularly suitable for the measurement of highly viscous, crystallizing, or particulate-containing media. D-10-9 Pressure Transmitter

The instruments all come with Easy Com communication software, which has three main benefits:

  • Allows the display of pressure and temperature    
  • Enables storage of the measuring data for pressure and temperature (data-logger function)    
  • Offers easy adjustment of zero-point span

The WIKA D-10-9 is a precision pressure transmitter with CAN (controller-area network) interface. The integrated interface has been designed according to the CANopen specification DS-301 of CiA. The device profile DS-404 used here has been specially designed by CiA for use in measuring and control instruments to guarantee compatibility with systems of other manufacturers.

All device parameters are accessible via the CANopen list object dictionary and can be configured with our Easy Com CANopen or any other CAN software available on the market. The module addresses can also be set via DIP switches directly at the pressure transmitter.

The D-10-7 Profibus® DP-Interface pressure transmitter guarantees easy, quick, cyclical, and determined process data exchange between a bus master and the assigned slave instruments. This process is based on the well-established RS485 transmission technology.

D-10-7 Pressure Transmitter What Is Profibus®?

Profibus® is a field-bus communication system with variety of protocols built on the same field-bus technology bundle. A Profibus® DP network is available in the background of every Profibus® PA system after the segment coupler. Based on its quick and cost-effective transmission technology, the Profibus® DP is the best choice for applications areas that are not intrinsically safe.

The heart of the CANopen and Profibus®-DP pressure transmitter is a sensor design with integrated dynamic temperature compensation. Due to the completely welded, in-house manufactured thin-film and piezo sensors, the unit is fully airtight, with no need for extra sealing materials.

Pressure Transmitters Can Use PC Links and Profibus® to Produce Useful Measurement Data