Final Settlement Reached in WIKA Instrument, LP v. Ashcroft, Inc. (Updated May 17, 2017)

Ashcroft misrepresented the flammability of the 1279 Duragauge®

In the case of WIKA Instrument, LP v. Ashcroft, Inc., a jury and a federal district court in Atlanta ruled that Ashcroft deliberately disseminated false information about the flammability and safety of its 1279 Duragauge® product and also made false claims about WIKA’s XSEL® process gauge.

The final judgment was issued in December 2016. The court awarded damages to WIKA, ordered Ashcroft to stop using certain ads and data sheets, and also ordered Ashcroft to run corrective advertising on the following pages of the Ashcroft website:

The parties filed a notice of settlement on March 27, 2017, which outlined the above relief.

Summary of court findings, supporting documents

Below is a summary of the court’s key findings, and links to the supporting court documents.   

  • The case material of the Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge product is not entirely phenolic. The case ring and back plate are made of a polypropylene material.  This material burns, does not self-extinguish, and poses the risk of spreading a fire when exposed to an open flame.1  See the technical brief below for a comparison of WIKA and Ashcroft's case materials.                   
  • Ashcroft’s open flame tests showed WIKA’s XSEL gauge case material immediately self-extinguished. This was confirmed by third-party testing and expert testimony.  Watch the video below for a side-by comparison of the third-party expert's open flame test of the XSEL process gauge and the 1279 Duragauge.
  • Technical Brief -- Comparison of WIKA and Ashcroft case materials
  • Video -- Side-by-side comparison of third-party open flame testing
  • Court Order -- WIKA Instrument, LP v. Ashcroft, Inc.
  • Final Amended Judgment -- WIKA Instrument, LP v. Ashcroft, Inc.
  • Jury Verdict -- WIKA Instrument, LP v. Ashcroft, Inc.
  • Notice of Settlement -- WIKA Instrument, LP v. Ashcroft, Inc.

 1 Ashcroft may have changed from this flammable polypropylene to a polycarbonate material, which was not part of the lawsuit. (See Ashcroft 1279 Data Sheet, Rev. A 05/17).

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