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WIKA is a global manufacturer of instruments for temperature measurement, providing a wide range of electrical and mechanical temperature measurement solutions to meet your application requirements. In addition to standard products, WIKA offers engineering expertise to design and manufacture customer-specific solutions. Our certified measuring instruments meet the highest standards of quality and safety, have worldwide approvals, and comply with most international directives.

The following temperature measuring instruments are frequently used for industrial applications, including those in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry;  machine building; plant, vessel, pipeline and apparatus construction; and the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Measuring instruments for electrical temperature measurement

WIKA's complete range of measuring instruments for electrical temperature measurement include: thermocouples, resistance thermometers, temperature switches and temperature transmitters. Sensors are the core of all measuring instruments for electronic temperature measurement. Temperature sensors convert the measured temperature into an electrical signal.

  • A thermocouple consists of two wires of different material, welded together. The welding point represents the actual measuring point.
  • With a resistance thermometer, the measured resistance changes depending on the temperature. In WIKA resistance thermometers, platinum resistors (Pt100 and Pt1000) are used.
  • Temperature switches, along with the temperature measurement, give control and analog output signals to the process.
  • Temperature transmitters are either mounted on a DIN rail in a control cabinet or in a connection head directly at the measuring point.

Measuring instruments for mechanical temperature measurement

The WIKA range of measuring instruments for mechanical temperature measurement comprises bimetal, gas-actuated and expansion thermometers. These are all based on the expansion of temperature-dependent materials.

  • The basis of a bimetal thermometer is composed of two bonded metal strips with differing expansion coefficients. The bending resulting from this is the measure of the temperature.
  • Gas-actuated thermometers are filled with an inert gas or gas mixture. The temperature-dependent change in the gas pressure leads, via a capillary, to the temperature display.
  • Expansion thermometers contain a liquid-filled measuring system, which also generates a pressure change when the temperature changes. This change is then displayed via an integrated movement.

Measuring instruments for mechatronic temperature measurement

Measuring instruments for mechatronic temperature measurement have additional equipment such as alarm contacts and switch contacts.  If a pre-defined measured value is reached, a switching operation is triggered. With the transmitted output signal, measuring instruments for mechatronic temperature measurement can be used for control and regulation processes. The WIKA range includes measuring instruments for mechanical temperature measurement with electrical output signals or with switch contacts and mechanical temperature switches.

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