MH-3 Mobile Working Machines Pressure Transmitter

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Can your transmitter limit overpressure failures? Can it diagnose problems on the spot? What about reducing warranty claims? WIKA’s new MH-3 pressure transmitter can do all of this and more. The next evolution in WIKA’s long line of rugged pressure transmitters, the MH-3 is specifically designed for the harsh demands of mobile working machines and can be fully customized for your application needs.

The new MH-3 pressure transmitter answers all of the critical questions field technicians and manufacturers have:

  • What caused the machine to go down?
  • Which part failed?
  • How long will the machine sit idle in the field?

Reduces Mobile Machinery Downtime
With signal clamping capabilities, the MH-3 allows equipment manufacturers to predefine the lower and upper ranges of the transmitter output signal. This feature limits machine operation disruption from pressure spikes and overpressure conditions in the hydraulic system, helping reduce downtime and no-fault failures, or NFFs

Troubleshoot in the Field with Built-in Diagnostics
The MH-3 transmitter provides built-in diagnostics to pinpoint the cause of machine failure--even in the field--helping eliminate guesswork, which often leads to the unnecessary removal and replacement of working components. A memory chip inside the transmitter records failure and abnormal operation information, and also stores it to support future troubleshooting and routine maintenance activities. The diagnostic signal of the MH-3 transmitter can be set for any signal range in 1/10 increments of signal levels.

Decreases Warranty Claims
No failure is found in more than 50% of pressure transmitters returned on warranty claims The MH-3 helps disrupt this common industry statistic. With in-field testing capabilities, the field technician can rule out transmitter malfunction as a cause of machine failure or abnormal operation. As a result, warranty claims drop along with service calls.

With the MH-3, you can keep your mobile machines in the field longer and get the answers you need to limit downtime and warranty claims. To learn more about the new MH-3 pressure transmitter, contact us at or call a specialist anytime at 1-888-945-2872. Or, to make WIKA a part of your business, ask us for a quote today.

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