Gayesco International

Gayesco International is now a division of the WIKA group of companies.

With this acquisition, which was completed in 2012, WIKA  is able to integrate a further competent manufacturer into its engineered temperature solutions product family.

Based in Houston, TX, Gayesco is a world-renowned manufacturer of temperature measurement instruments and specializes in engineered temperature monitoring solutions such as radial and pipewell multipoint thermocouple systems and furnace tubeskins in the petrochemical, refining and process industries.

With the combination of Gayesco and WIKA expertise, the company is positioned to drive further innovation in temperature monitoring solutions and field installation services.

Gayesco has been preferred and accepted by major licensors for more than 50 years, with products installed in thousands of unique applications all over the world.

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Tubeskin Thermocouple

The purpose of tubeskin measurement is to determine tube life, monitor trending, and provide safeguards within a system.

Multipoint Sensors

Multipoint sensor assemblies are used in various applications in the refining and petrochemical industry.

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