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Reliable flow measurement: Essential for safety and efficiency

Numerous industrial processes – chemical/petrochemical, food & beverage, water treatment & distribution, and HVAC, to name just a few – require precise monitoring of a liquid or gas’s flow for safety and efficiency. The type of flow meter used depends on the specific application as well as characteristics of the process medium, such as its viscosity, corrosiveness, working pressure, and temperature range.

Flow meters by WIKA

We offer a wide selection of high-quality industrial instruments to handle all your flow measurement needs. Our portfolio of primary flow elements includes flow nozzles, Venturi tubes, orifice plates, meter runs, pitot tubes, and several configurations of flow meters. The most common technology in flow measurement relies on the differential pressure method. A narrowing in the cross-section of a pipeline causes a drop in pressure and a proportional increase in the flow speed. Thus, by measuring the pressure both before and after that drop, an instrument can accurately calculate the differential pressure and then use that value to arrive at the fluid’s flow rate

Standard or customized flow measuring instruments

WIKA stocks a wide selection of orifice plates and flanges, annular chambers, meter runs, Venturi nozzles (flow nozzles), wedge flow meters, and many other instruments for flow measurement. They are designed and manufactured to meet relevant certification standards: ISO 5167, ISA 1932, ASME PTC-6, and more. If one of these off-the-shelf instruments does not meet your application’s specific requirements, WIKA USA’s flow specialists are happy to work with you to custom-engineer an affordable solution. Contact us for more information.

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