Model Description Number
SWT52G, SWT52S, SWT71G, SWT71S Threaded or weld-in thermowell (fabricated) TW 90.11
TW.WI / TW25 Thermowell
Weld-In Connection
TW.WI / TW25
TW10, TW10-B, TW10-F, TW10-P, TW10-R, TW10-S Thermowell in ScrutonWell® design SP 05.16
TW10 A product overview of model TW10 Flanged Thermowell (Solid Machined) TW10
TW10-B, TW10-S Thermowell with threaded flange (solid-machined), screwed and welded design TW 95.11
TW10-F, TW10-P, TW10-R Thermowell with flange (solid-machined), full penetration weld design or with double fillet weld TW 95.10
TW10-P Thermowell with flange (solid-machined), wetted parts special material, with washer disc TW 95.12
TW15 Product information on model TW15 Threaded Thermowell (Solid Machined) TW15
TW15 Thermowell
Threaded Connection
TW.TH / TW15
TW20 Weld-in thermowell (solid-machined), for welding sockets TW 95.20
TW22 Thermowells for sanitary applications TW 95.22
TW25 Weld-in thermowell (solid-machined) TW 95.25
TW25 Product information on model TW25 Weld-In Thermowell (Solid Machined) TW25
TW30 Thermowell for lap flanges (solid-machined), Vanstone design TW 95.30
TW31 Thermowell for lap flanges per ASME B16.5 (solid-machined), Vanstone design, per petrochemical standards TW 95.31
TW35 Threaded thermowell or for push-in/weld-in (fabricated), version per DIN 43772 form 2, 3, 2G, 3G TW 95.35
TW40-8, TW40-9 Thermowell with flange (fabricated), version per DIN 43772 form 2F, 3F TW 95.40
TW40-D, TW40-E Thermowell with flange (fabricated), tantalum cover or wetted parts special material TW 95.41
TW45 Screw-in thermowell (fabricated), version per DIN 43772 form 5, 8 TW 95.45
TW50 Threaded thermowell (solid-machined), version per DIN 43772 form 6, 7, 9 TW 95.50
TW55 Thermowell, weld-in or with flange (solid-machined), version per DIN 43772 form 4, 4F TW 95.55
TW60 A product overview of the model TW60 Sanitary Thermowell (Solid Machined) TW60
TW61 Thermowell for sanitary applications, for orbital welding TW 95.61
TW70 A datasheet about thermowells within the TW70 series are primarily designed for low pressure applications but also include high temperature, corrosion, and erosion services.
TW70 Flanged, threaded and weld-in protection tube TW 95.70
TW81 Protection tube, version per EN 50446 TW 95.81
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