Model IS Barrier

Intrinsically safe barrier

Intrinsically safe repeater power supply for applications in hazardous areas

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Applications of the intrinsically safe barrier

  • Chemical, petrochemical industry
  • Oil, natural gas
  • Machine building

Special features of the intrinsically safe barrier

  • Input 0/4 ... 20 mA, supplying and non-supplying
  • Suitable for SIL 2 per IEC 61508/IEC 61511
  • Bidirectional HART® signal transmission

Description of the intrinsically safe barrier

The model IS barrier intrinsically safe barrier has been designed for applications in combination with intrinsically safe 4 ... 20 mA sensors. By using different connection terminals, 2-wire as well as 4-wire transmitters can be connected.

The analogue measured value is transmitted to the non-hazardous area, galvanically isolated from the hazardous area. On the output side, the repeater power supply can be operated as supplying or non-supplying.

The test sockets contained in the COMBICON connectors enable the direct connection of HART® communicators.

The intrinsically safe barrier has been tested for operation with the following WIKA products: LH-20, IL-10, IS-3, IPT-1x, DPT-1x, UPT-2x, T24, T32

In intrinsically safe circuits, the intrinsically safe barrier  enables the safe operation of these products. A template to create the proof of intrinsic safety can be found at

intrinsically safe barrier, model IS Barrier
  • intrinsically safe barrier, model IS Barrier
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