Heat transfer & distribution stations

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District heating – one module in the efficient use of resources. Using energy through combined heat and power (CHP) and at the same time greatly boosting the efficiency rating of the system – one of the outstanding advantages of local and district heating. The principle of combined heat and power (CHP) is to take waste heat that would otherwise be unused, e.g. from electricity-generating power plants, and to supply it to consumers, even over long distances, thereby increasing the utilisation level of these power plants to as much as 90%. To assure problem-free connection to the district and local heating network, the operators issue their own technical connection requirements. These stipulate how and under what conditions a house station can be connected to the supply network, either directly or indirectly.

Depending on the measurement task involved, you decide which of our mechanical, mechatronic or electrical measuring instruments to employ. There is a choice of different output signals, switching functions and measuring elements, meaning that you have no problem integrating these in any facility control purposes. For example, to implement the temperature safeguard specified in DIN4747 Part 1 (technical safety equipment in heat generating plants), found in every technical connection requirements, you could employ our type-tested safety temperature controller SW15.