Combined heat & power plants

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Just a few years ago, combined heat and power plants were only conceivable for power plants, industrial buildings or residential developments, but now they are finding their way into the basements of private homes. Through the development of “Nano CHP”, with a footprint the size of a washing machine, this form of combined heat and power (CHP) is also becoming of interest to private households. For this kind of domestic CHP solution, we can offer you reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for pressure, temperature and level. For example, check the oil pressure of an internal combustion engine with the electronic pressure transmitter A-10, while obtaining a reliable oil level check with the optoelectronic level switch OLS-C01 or with the magnetic float switch FLS.

Oil temperature is monitored by the screw-in thermometer TF35, the expansion thermometer with selectable electrical output signal TGT70 or our type-tested safety temperature limiter SB15. With the mechatronic pressure gauges (PGS and PGT), you can keep an eye on the water pressure in the heating circuit while at the same time obtaining an electrical signal that can be used for open-loop or closed-loop control purposes.