Model GFTIR-10

Measuring system for laboratory analysis of decomposition products in SF6 gas

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  • Analysis of gas samples from SF6 gas-filled equipment
  • Laboratory evaluation with PC, software and database

Special Features

  • Identification and precise quantification of the main decomposition products from SF6 gas
  • Resistant against highly-corrosive gases
  • Non-destructive method of measurement
  • Factory calibrated, high long-term stability of the system


Non-destructive method of measurement
The advantage of the GFTIR-10 is the non-destructive determination of the most-important decomposition products, which are also able to quantify high concentrations of reactive and highly-corrosive substances.

The measuring system of the GFTIR-10 consists of a spectrometer and a PC, with specially-developed analysis software and substance database. This measuring system enables trained laboratory staff to provide precise information about the composition of the respective SF6 gas sample.

Analysis as a service
WIKA offers the analysis with the GFTIR-10 as a service as well. The customer's samples can be analysed in their own bottles or special evacuated gas cylinders can be sent in order to take a sample on site. The advantage for the customer is a detailed report of the composition of their sample, performed by an expert.

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