Model FLC-WG

Wedge flow meter

For slurries and highly viscous media

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  • Mining and basic materials industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Oil, gas and refineries
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Pulp and paper industry

Special features

    • Low maintenance through robust design
    • For highly viscous and particle-laden media
    • Low permanent pressure loss
    • For very high and very low Reynolds numbers
    • Bi-directional flow measurement
    • Per ISO 5167 part 6 (2019)


The model FLC-WG wedge flow meter consists of a pipe inside which a v-shaped wedge is fitted. Due to its design, the wedge flow meter is suitable for nearly all types of flow, especially for highly viscous, dirty, abrasive, slurry or muddy media, and also for flow with a very low Reynolds number of 300 up to very high Reynolds numbers of several million.

The wedge flow meter is suited for bi-directional measurement. The welded construction and wide range of materials ensure a reliable measurement, even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions or with aggressive media.

Wedge flow meter
  • Wedge flow meter
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