Model F2226

Tension/compression force transducer

With external thread up to 3,300 kN

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  • Apparatus construction
  • Production lines
  • Measuring and inspection equipment
  • Special equipment and machinery construction

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 ... 10 kN up to 0 ... 3,300 kN
  • Robust design
  • Material stainless steel
  • Protection class IP66
  • Relative linearity error 0.15 % Fnom


The tension/compression force transducer is used wherever measurements are to be taken directly in the line of force. The actual tension forces in cables and rods can thus, for example, be measured.

With this model, the load is applied via the threaded pins which are located on each side of the cylindrical body. The robust structure, which is manufactured from stainless steel, also allows it to be used in extremely harsh industrial atmospheres.

The tension/compression force transducer are splash water protected and function reliably even under difficult service conditions.

In order to avoid overloading, it is necessary to connect the force transducer electrically during installation and to monitor the measured value.

The force to be measured must be applied concentrically and free of transverse force.


  • Load input elements
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Extended compensated temperature range
  • Different thread sizes
  • Different bridge resistance
  • Connector guard
  • Cable outlet
  • Internal/external thread
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