Model A2G-52

Dual differential pressure sensor

For ventilation and air-conditioning

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  • For monitoring air, non-inflammable and non-aggressive gases
  • Fan, blower and filter monitoring
  • Pressure and flow monitoring
  • Monitoring and control of valves and air shutters
  • Pressure monitoring in clean rooms

Special features

  • Simple mounting
  • Two differential pressure sensors in one instrument
  • Two inputs for temperature sensors or analogue signal
  • With Modbus® interface
  • Two-line LC display for the direct reading of both pressure values


The model A2G-52 dual differential pressure sensor combines two differential pressure sensors in one instrument, so that pressure can be measured from two different control points.

The model A2G-52 has a Modbus® interface and an input interface. By using the input interface, up to two passive temperature sensors or an analogue 0 ... 10 V signal can be connected directly to the measuring instrument. Thus, the use of cost-intensive active temperature transmitters can be dispensed with and the costs for material and mounting can be reduced.

Dual differential pressure sensor
  • Dual differential pressure sensorMeasuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning