Model L990.SD

Tank Spud, Clamped Sanitary Diaphragm Seal

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Applications for tank spud sanitary diaphragm seals:

  • Sanitary diaphragm seals, such as the tank spud,  are used in combination with a pressure gauge to provide safe, reliable pressure reading in sanitary processing industries including food, beverage and pharmaceuticals.
  • Intended for hygienic pressure media.

Special features of tank spud sanitary diaphragm seals:

  • Spud and clamp optional
  • O-Ring, FDA compliant
  • Material selection

Specifications for tank spud sanitary diaphragm seals:

External, flush diaphragm featured in a tank spud design requires hydraulic fluid to transmit pressure to measuring instrument.

To ensure protection from harsh media and cleaning agents in sanitary applications, WIKA's tank spud clamped diaphragm seals are available with various wetted materials.

With a large diameter, the tank spud diaphragm seal also provides great exposure to the process pressure, which ensures accurate pressure readings.  


Process Connection
4" Tank Spud

Instrument Connection
Capillary, ¼" or ½" NPT-female

Suitable Pressure Ranges
15 psi to 600 psi

Available Options (connections, materials, etc.)
See Selection Guide on data sheet

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